Why choose Close?

We believe pension assets should be with a safe, secure & stable financial institution, Close meets that profile:

  • The Plan is offered by the Close specialist offshore pension division within Close Trustees Guernsey Limited
  • Member companies of Close are ultimately owned by Close Brothers Group PLC
  • We service private clients from 10 locations both in and outside of the UK
  • Close Brothers Group asset management division has £8.2billon of FUM (31 July 2008)
  • Close Brothers Group plc is a long standing institution established in 1878
  • Close Brothers Group plc UK businesses, are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority
  • Close Brothers Limited, the UK bank, is independently rated by two of the world’s largest credit rating agencies, Moody’s and Fitch, with high short term ratings of P1 and F1 respectively
  • Close Brothers Group plc remains in a strong financial position both in absolute terms and relative to other financial services businesses. The Group’s results, which were announced recently were characterised by the Group as “resilient”.

For further details on Close Brothers Group plc and the latest results