What expats really think of their home from home

What expats really think of the countries they live and work in has thrown up a few surprises.

Not surprisingly some stereotypes are reinforced, like the Germans are viewed as the most trustworthy while French people are the most arrogant.

The survey, conducted by the Pew Research Centre, says that Europe is one of the most popular destinations for expats.

For instance, each country believes that they are Europe’s most compassionate people with the British, Spanish and Poles believing they were least arrogant.

The French say they are the most and the least arrogant of people on the continent.

When it came to the question of trust, the Germans rated highly, including from 43% of French people and 25% Spaniards.

Least trustworthy

Europe’s least trustworthy people are the Italians and Greeks, according to the survey, with 18% of Germans thinking this way.

In Spain, 17% of people expressed their belief that the Italians are the least trustworthy – but then 23% of Italians believe that their compatriots are untrustworthy too.

The self-awareness of the country is also apparent when people were asked about who are the most arrogant.

Around 30% of British people said the French were the most arrogant people in Europe, underlined by 20% of Germans. Even the 26% of the French agreed.

Two countries managed to reach top marks for seeing themselves as the most trustworthy, the most compassionate and the least arrogant – and they were the Greeks and Germans.

When it came to questions of political leaders in Europe, Germany’s Angela Merkel gets the most credit.

Most popular

She is the most popular with 74% of Germans saying she is doing a good job in these turbulent economic times – backed by the French (73%), the Poles (72%) and British (52%).

However, the Greeks, faced with controversial austerity measures laid down by the German government, said Angela Merkel was the continent’s worst leader, with 88% speaking against her.

Most other political leaders didn’t fare as well in the survey, with David Cameron being seen as a weak leader by most of Europe – and he had a higher approval rating from the French than from the British.

However, French President Francois Hollande gets a thumbs-down, with just a third of his country saying he is doing a good job, while 30% of Greek and British people saying the same.