Private School Fees In A Class Of Their Own

Britain's private school fees are racing up at almost four times the rate of inflation and average earnings. Expats with children receiving a private education have seen the cost spiral by 21% in five years. Someone on an average UK gross salary of £35,148 a year needs to hand over 39% of their earnings to pay the day fees of £13,000 for one … [Read more...]

What will a Brexit vote really mean for your pension?

Trying to figure out how Britain leaving the European Union will affect pensions is one of the referendum issues for retirement savers. Both the Leave and remain campaigners have tried to paint the answer in black and white. Both sides seem to agree a Brexit would probably lead to a much weaker pound that will trigger both higher interest … [Read more...]

Don’t Worry About Brexit, Expats In EU And UK Told

British expats in the European Union have no reason to worry about their rights as a result of the Brexit referendum, according to a government statement. The Home Office has confirmed that nothing has changed for British expats in Europe nor EU expats in the UK as a result of the leave vote. The statement also explains that Britain remains a … [Read more...]

How Pension Freedom Rules Affect You

The rules about how retirement savers can take the money from their pensions changed on April 6, 2015. From this date, anyone over 55 years old with a direct contribution pension can draw their money to spend or reinvest as they wish, whether they are still working or not. For savers under 55, the money is only accessible if the retirement … [Read more...]

Treasury Seeks Better Money Advice For Consumers

The Treasury has started a major review of the way financial firms and IFAs give advice to consumers. The aim is to open access for everyone to have personal, affordable and professional advice when they want to make important financial decisions. The review will run until later this year and report to Chancellor George Osborne to make any … [Read more...]

Universities Look To SEIS To Fund Spin-Off Companies

Cambridge University invested a record £2.3 million in research spin-off projects under funding raised under the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). The university runs three SEIS fresh start funds and a mixed Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) fund for developing projects spawned in the … [Read more...]

The week in pensions: A global report

A round up of this week’s pension news from Europe, Africa and the USA. Uncertain futures in Ireland 50% of Irish interviewers aged between 30 to 45 have not begun saving for a pension, a new survey undertaken by Red C, on behalf of Bank of Ireland Life has found. This is in spite of 39% of the respondents claiming they are worried about their … [Read more...]