Spanish Property Prices Poisoned By Toxic Bank

Fears are growing that banks in Spain look set to put the skids under the country’s property prices as they offload their real estate holdings. In a bleak market that has seen prices tumble since the 2008 property crash, the move will weaken prices further and scupper any hopes for a property revival this year. The issue is that the banks … [Read more...]

Spanish Tax Man Targets Wealthy Expats

A tax crackdown by Spanish authorities on residents holding assets worth more than £40,580 offshore could lead to massive fines – and expats are in the firing line. Some expats could lose everything – and still owe the Spanish taxman money. Anyone who is liable for Spanish taxes has until the end of March to declare their assets or face … [Read more...]

Spain takes gamble on becoming the Vegas of Europe

Spain is ready to become the European Las Vegas as super casinos have announced plans for gambling resorts. The outskirts of Madrid are earmarked for mega Vegas style resorts - while a casino is included in the massive Paramount Theme Park under construction in Murcia and due to open in 2015. Spain is already a top destination for expats and … [Read more...]

Spanish house prices slump 8.5% in a year

Spanish property prices have slumped by 8.5% over the past year - a €23,000 drop in average asking prices, according to online property portal Kyero. With asking prices falling from €267,000 to €244,000 in just a year, 25% unemployment and tough financial problems, local sales have dried up. However, cash buyers are jetting in from countries … [Read more...]