Ski resort home prices get a lift from investors

Property prices in ski resorts are booming after several years in the doldrums following the global economic downturn, says a new report. The Knight Frank Prime Ski Property Index shows that the average price around the world dropped 9.1% since hitting a peak in 2008. But the average price climbed by 1.5% in the three months ending in June … [Read more...]

Equities excite expats ahead of other investments

Expat investors prefer equities ahead of any other investment class for income and growth, according to new research. Despite general economic malaise around the world, expats are confident patience in equities will pay off even if the global economy slips back in to recession, as most expect. These are the findings of a survey by TD Global, … [Read more...]

Brits splash out on 1,500 homes in Dubai

Brits spent £440 million on buying more than 1,500 homes in Dubai in the first six months of 2012, according to the latest official figures. But that only captured second place in the overseas buyer table as Indians bought more than 2,100 homes valued at £660 million. Foreign investors purchased a total of 12,875 properties valued at £3.8 … [Read more...]

Australia’s property investment hotspots revealed

South Brisbane, Queensland, is Australia’s top property investment hotspot, according to new research. The trendy city district is a cultural oasis and home to the Gallery of Modern Art, the State Library and the Queensland Art Gallery. The rents are among the highest in Australia, with yields topping 7%, according to website Your Investment … [Read more...]

Don’t Listen to QROPS Tricksters Promising the World

If you have some money, rest assured a scammer is lurking somewhere working out how to get your hard-earned cash for nothing in return. Smooth-talking tricksters live in the shadows of just about every industry trying to part you from your money. The world of offshore pensions and investments is no exception. Plenty of would-be … [Read more...]

Tax planning is about not paying too much, not too little

Bullying expats about offshore tax planning is in the media spotlight as many ordinary folk struggle to get past on earn shrinking against inflation. Managing your wealth is not wrong - the law says you can as long as you don’t commit a crime by evading tax. The big issue is not what expats do with their money to minimise the amount of tax … [Read more...]

Spanish house prices slump 8.5% in a year

Spanish property prices have slumped by 8.5% over the past year - a €23,000 drop in average asking prices, according to online property portal Kyero. With asking prices falling from €267,000 to €244,000 in just a year, 25% unemployment and tough financial problems, local sales have dried up. However, cash buyers are jetting in from countries … [Read more...]

Expats accused of asking unrealistic salary demands

Too many expats make unrealistic salary and benefit demands that are much more than employers are ready to pay in Dubai, according to recruiters. Around 40% of expats demand too much money or extra benefits that price them out of the jobs market, claims recruitment agency Robert Half UAE. A survey of the market by the agency found that the … [Read more...]

Pound Poses Pension Exchange Rate Problems

The Pound is pummelling the Euro and US Dollar regularly hitting new highspots - but the exchange rate is a headache for expats with pensions. The Pound may be giving a sterling performance against other currencies, but expats living in Europe or the US need to consider whether to switch their pension payments from UK bank accounts to sweep up … [Read more...]