Diamond Spending Spree Adds Sparkle To US Sales

Diamond sales have added the sparkle to the profits of gemstone trader De Beers as the business soared to a record turnover. Single women in their 30s – millennials born between 1980 and 2000 –  are driving the boom in sales in America, the world’s largest diamond market. Although traditional diamond jewellery sales for weddings … Read more

If You Were Scammed, You Might Be In For A Refund

Expats are among the thousands of fraud victims who may have a chance of getting their money back after wire transfer firm Western Union settled a multi-million-dollar court case. Western Union is an international money transfer network that has admitted money laundering and other criminal offences. To settle the case, Western Union paid the US … Read more

Rich Are Getting Richer, While Poor Live In Poverty

More than 80% of entire global wealth is controlled by the richest 1% of the population, according to a report by charity Oxfam. And while billionaires continue to get richer, the 3.7 billion people making up the poorest half of the world’s population saw no improvement in their finances. The study Reward Work, Not Wealth, … Read more

Private School Fees In A Class Of Their Own

Britain’s private school fees are racing up at almost four times the rate of inflation and average earnings. Expats with children receiving a private education have seen the cost spiral by 21% in five years. Someone on an average UK gross salary of £35,148 a year needs to hand over 39% of their earnings to … Read more

War Of Words As US And Turkey Suspend Visas

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson may have praised Turkey as a partner of America in the fight against terror but his words do not seem to reflect the true nature of the relationship between the countries. Turkey is a key member of NATO, sitting strategically facing Russia across the Black Sea, having borders with … Read more