15 Web Sites Giving Support To Expats

It’s easy to feel isolated as a new expat moving to a foreign country, but plenty of online support and advice is available if you know where to look.

Facebook and Twitter both have social media channels for expats, but anyone looking for more personal or local advice can turn to a number of specialist web sites run by expats for expats.

For those who have yet to discover where to look, here are some of the most popular web sites for expats:

  • Anglo Info – A network of blogs written by British expats based in dozens of countries
  • Anglotopia – More a community for lovers of British culture rather than an expat network, but still somewhere to keep in touch with home for overseas
  • British Expat – An expat forum where anyone can post questions and get to meet other British expats in their area
  • British Expats – Not to be confused with British Expat, but another forum and blog site for Brits abroad
  • Brits Abroad – A forum and blog site for expats
  • Contact Expats – A network helping expats stay in touch as they move around the world
  • Expat Arrivals – Guides and articles on expat life, plus a handy section on international schools around the world
  • Expat Blog – A blogging network for expats to share their tips and experiences
  • Expats Blogs – Another blogging network for expats
  • Expat Briefing – A guide to news, finance, country guides and living abroad
  • com – An online community moderated by expats for other expats
  • Expats Abroad – A web site for English-speaking expats worldwide
  • Expat Focus – Another news, finance and community forum
  • Expats Reunite – For families, colleagues and friends who have lost contact
  • Internations – A network offering advice and social events

Many other sites offer forums, advice and blogs to expats, but the British financial regulators and pension providers have warned against international financial advisers offering to arrange pensions and investments.

Aegon, a leading British firm has issued an alert claiming up to 80% of transfers from British pensions to Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) were set up by fraudsters.

“If you are planning to switch money out of the UK to another country, make sure the adviser is regulated and you have some come back. We have seen scammers trying to swindle investors out of their life savings,” said a spokesman for the firm.